HIV: Hey: It's Viral


HIV: Hey: It's Viral

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HIV: Hey, It's Viral! is a groundbreaking sex-positive 20-minute video from Beyondmedia Education addressing HIV/AIDS prevention and activism from youth perspectives. The video shows young people what HIV is, how it is transmitted, and how it can be prevented - all spun with a fun soundtrack and entertaining animations to illustrate the science of HIV/AIDS. Focusing on risk reduction, safer sex practices and the importance of testing, the movie stresses the idea that anyone can get HIV, and everyone can help prevent it.

Running Time: 20 minutes.

The HIV: Hey It's Viral DVD includes the 20 minute video, plus extra bonus features that explain in depth:

  • The biology of HIV
  • How to use a condom
  • How to get tested for HIV
  • Individual personal stories of young people living with HIV

Other features include a workbook for educators, an action guide for activists, educational visual aids and more.

  • Humboldt Pride Award, 43rd Annual Humboldt Film Festival