Non-op Performance at Bridgeport Arts Center

Salome Chasnoff and Lauren La Rose perform in an interactive multimedia installation exploring the poetics of labor through a live performance of weaving.

Viewers will walk into a domestic fantasy world created from hand-sewn fabrics, projected film with sound and everyday furnishings. Performers will pull materials from the environment and weave them together in a ritualized act of relationship.


NON: op's f(H2T) from Here to There, examines the liminal space between the world in which we live and the world we desire, between the suffering and repetition of our daily existence and our transformation to a more equitable ideal state, bridging the gaps in our religious, cultural, social, and economic divides. From an intensive conceptualization process, each co-creator selects keywords and artists, establishing relationships among words, artists, and art forms, and creates compartmented structures and collaborative pieces which are then located within the three dimensional space-time matrix of a 12,000 square foot warehouse space.  

April 23-25 at the Bridgeport Arts Center.